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Black Friday headphone deals: Wireless earbuds and over-ear headphones for your next workout

If wearing headphones while you cycle is your thing, be that indoors or out, then there is a whole host of Black Friday headphone deals out there for you.

Whatever you’re doing in life, be that riding a bike, working out at the gym, or even working, there’s no denying that music can provide a much-needed boost, and today’s best headphones are a far cry from the wired versions we used just a few years ago. Today’s best are wireless, lightweight, fast-charging, and many come with active noise cancelling that allows you to really block out the outside world – and then let it in again whenever you want at the touch of a button.

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 is in stock at Amazon [Update: Sold Out]

First, there’s the controller. Every new PS5 includes one DualSense controller. Unlike the DualShock controllers, the DualSense has a two-color scheme and a more ergonomic design. The controller also features adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and haptic feedback, with some games taking advantage of the controller’s features to provide more immersion.

In addition to working with the PS5, the DualSense can connect to Android and iOS devices wirelessly. The controller will also connect wirelessly to a PC if your computer supports Bluetooth. If not, you can connect the DualSense to a PC using a USB cable.

The white controller usually retails for around $70, but sometimes you can find it on sale for $60 — the same goes for the new midnight black and cosmic red shades unveiled in May. The DualSense is a good successor to the PS4’s controller, given all the improvements that come with it. If you already owned a PS4 or own a DualShock 4, however, you can still use the controller on the PS5, but it will only work while playing PS4 games.

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All the Best Cyber Monday Video Game Deals

Black Friday might be officially over, but the deals are still plentiful. Bounteous even. Every major retailer has deep price cuts on entire categories of items. That includes a mountain of Cyber Monday and Cyber Week video game deals. Whether you (or those you’re buying gifts for this year) have a PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC, you’ll find lots to save money on. In case you want a cheat sheet for all the best Cyber Monday video game deals, you can just keep on scrolling. We’ve gathered all the best deals into one convenient place, and you’ve arrived.

Top Cyber Monday Video Game Deals

Use Code OCULUS50 at Checkout

Oculus Quest 2 (128GB) + $50 Gift Card

Use promo code “OCULUS50”

Samsung 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor
XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade 1TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD (up to 7400MBps)

PS5 Compatible

XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade 1TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD (up to 7400MBps)

Battlefield 2042
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
Bravely Default II
Ring Fit Adventure
PlayStation Plus 12-Month Subscription
Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard

PS4 and Xbox One editions are still in stock.

Of all the Cyber Monday video game deals, those above are the best we’ve seen so far. If you’re buying for a single console, you can click the links below to jump to your platform of choice. You’re not likely to have trouble finding something worth picking up on sale.

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PS5 and PlayStation Cyber Monday Game Deals

Best PS5 and PS4 Game Deals at Amazon

XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade 1TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD (up to 7400MBps)

PS5 Compatible

XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade 1TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD (up to 7400MBps)

Includes Heatsink.

P5 Plus 1TB PCIe 4.0 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD

PS5 Compatible – Requires Heatsink

P5 Plus 1TB PCIe 4.0 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD

This PlayStation 5 compatible SSD is at its lowest price, ever, but keep in mind you’ll need to install your own heatsink. The good news is, heatsinks are cheap and super easy to install.

You can now add extra storage to your PS5, but only some SSD cards work. The ones above meet all the specs required, so feel free to pick one up. Just note you’ll need to add a compatible heatsink to the Corsair one if you go that route.

If you want a PS5 or PS4 game on sale for Cyber Monday, you’ll likely find a discount on Amazon. The mega-retailer tends to price-match the best deals found at other stores, though it does tend to run out of stock on the most sought-after games. If you click a link and it’s sold out, try scrolling through to the other retailers, as they may have the same game for the same price.

Best PS5 and PS4 Game Deals at Walmart

Walmart has a huge selection of PS5 and PS4 games on sale. They’re divided into pricing tiers ranging from $39 to $14. The standout deal that no other retailer has matched is on Call of Duty: Vanguard, which is on sale for $39.

Best PS5 and PS4 Game Deals at Best Buy

PlayStation Plus 12-Month

Best Buy doesn’t always have the best price on any given game, but it typically does a better job than other retailers of keeping the games in stock. That’s why if it’s sold out elsewhere, it’s smart to check Best Buy.

Best PS5 and PS4 Game Deals at GameStop

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

This Cyber Monday season, GameStop has come out of the gate swinging. It’s had some of the best deals of all, making retailers like Amazon have to price-match them. The deals are also coming and going much more quickly than at other retailers, so if you see a good Cyber Week deal at GameStop, it’s wise to grab it quickly.

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Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Game Deals

Amazon Switch Game Deals

Ring Fit Adventure


Ring Fit Adventure

There was a time not too long ago when you couldn’t even find a copy of Ring Fit Adventure and now, for the first time ever, it’s marked down 31%.

This is the best price we’ve seen on Ring Fit Adventure by far since it launched. It’s a true fitness RPG that does a great job of getting you in shape while you play an engrossing video game.

Amazon Nintendo Switch microSD Card Deals

128GB microSDXC Card Licensed for Nintendo Switch


128GB microSDXC Card Licensed for Nintendo Switch

This microSD card for Nintendo Switch expands the built-in storage substantially. The fact it’s Nintendo-branded makes it perfect as a gift for someone worried about compatibility. Sure, any microSD will work, but this one leaves no doubt.

You can’t go wrong with an officially licensed Nintendo-themed microSD card. Just note that these ones tend to cost a little more than the non-licensed ones below.

128GB Ultra MicroSDXC Card


128GB Ultra MicroSDXC Card

This is the best combination of performance and value for your Nintendo Switch storage needs.

Nintendo Switch consoles don’t come with much on-board storage. In fact, some downloadable games take up more than the standard 32GB that comes with most models of the Switch. Thankfully, adding more storage is a cinch. All you need to do is pick up a microSD card (at a nice Cyber Monday discount), stick it in the slot, format it, and you’re good to go.

Best Buy Nintendo Switch Game Deals

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit


Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

The Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Black Friday deal is live at Best Buy and offers the option for delivery or in-store pick-up, depending on where you live.

Best Buy has some great deals on Switch games. The discounts aren’t always as big as we’ve seen at other retailers like Amazon and GameStop, but they have been staying in stock longer. So if you see a game you want elsewhere that’s sold out, check Best Buy to see if it’s still available there.

GameStop Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch Deals

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit


Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

In addition to the sale price on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit at GameStop, you can also get a $10 reward for joining GameStop’s PowerUp Pro program.

GameStop led the way with massive discounts on first-party Nintendo games, dropping all the games Nintendo said would be discounted to $39.99 all the way down to $26.99. Most of those extra discounts are gone now, but it never hurts to check if they’ve come back.

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Xbox Series X and Xbox One Cyber Monday Game Deals

Amazon Xbox Game Deals

Far Cry 6
Xbox Game Pass 3-Month Subscription

Going in and out of stock

Xbox Game Pass 3-Month Subscription

Get 3-months of Game Pass Ultimate, with all the benefits of Game Pass and Xbox Live.

As with the other consoles, Amazon tends to price-match the best deal around at other retailers. So if you see a Cyber Monday game discount elsewhere but you prefer shopping at Amazon, it’s smart to check here before buying.

Best Buy Xbox Game Deals

Best Buy has no shortage of Cyber Monday Xbox deals. I mean, just look at that list of titles. They also have an exclusive steelbook cover for Resident Evil Village, and it’s on sale for $19.99. If you skipped that one earlier this year but you like a good scare, now’s a great time to pick it up.

GameStop Xbox Game Deals

Riders Republic

GameStop has pretty similar discounts to the other retailers, but in some cases it has the lowest price on particular games. Don’t sleep on GameStop’s Cyber Week deals.

Walmart Xbox Game Deals

Call of Duty: Vanguard
Xbox Controller (Various Colors)

One of the standout Xbox deals Walmart is running during Cyber Monday dropping prices on a variety of controller colors to $49. These special controllers typically sell for $64.99, making this one of the best deals Xbox owners can get this shopping season.

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Phew, that’s a lot of deals. We’ll monitoring the Cyber Week video game deals all throughout Cyber Monday and beyond. So make sure to come back later to see what new discounts have arrive. Also, follow @IGNDeals on Twitter, where we keep things updated in real time.

And if those deals aren’t enough for you, you can always check out our full rundown of all the best Cyber Monday deals at all retailers. It covers all kinds of items, from gaming PCs and accessories to 4K TVs.

All the Best Cyber Monday Deals and Sales

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New Marvel Online MMO Announced Via Investor Slideshow

Artwork featuring various Marvel superheroes from mobile game Future Revoltion

Image: Netmarble / Marvel

Revealed yesterday via an investor presentation, Daybreak Game’s Austin-based Dimensional Ink game studio is developing a new Marvel MMO. However, according to the same presentation, it will likely be a few years before we see a trailer or screenshot of the upcoming online superhero game.

As spotted by Eurogamer and Twitch streamer Miller, Daybreak’s parent company Enad Global 7 released its Q3 2021 financial report. In that presentation, which is available online, the company quietly announced that Daybreak and Dimensional Ink were working on a new AAA MMO “utilizing Marvel IP.”

According to another slide in the presentation, the unannounced Marvel MMO is being led by Jack Emmert. He currently is in charge of DC Universe Online, but before that, he helped design and run City of Heroes and co-founded the studio behind that MMO, Cryptic Studios.

I wouldn’t expect to be playing this Marvel game anytime soon. In the presentation, it’s listed under “longer-term” project, after 2022. So it’s likely that this game, if it is finished and released, won’t see the light of day until 2023 or 2024.

Read More: Daybreak Games Has Murky Ties To Trump Lawyer And Russian Payments

Interestingly, it was reported in 2019 that Daybreak was trying to develop a Marvel MMO around 2018, before the studio was hit with layoffs. It was shortly after that when the Marvel game was supposedly shelved. However, it seems it has been revived. Makes sense. Were talking about comic book superheroes. Those guys and gals never stay dead for long.

Daybreak, Marvel, and Diminesinal Ink have yet to officially confirm the news.

Hopefully, this Marvel MMO is more successful than past attempts. There was the aforementioned Marvel MMO that was reportedly canned by Daybreak in 2018, but before that, there was the 2013 release of the failed Marvel Heroes which shut down following a few name changes in 2017. Before all of that, Emmert’s Cryptic Studios was working on a Marvel MMO with Microsoft. But that game was canceled in 2008 and reborn as Champions Online, which is still around in 2021. And who knows how many other unannounced Marvel MMOs have been planned, pitched and canceled over the last decade.

However, the recent influx of Marvel games seems to have convinced someone with money that the world is ready for a Marvel MMO. Well, another Marvel MMO. Future Revolution on phones and tablets is already out and pretty damn good, actually.


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Xbox 360 games and FPS Boost are a match made in heaven • Eurogamer.net

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, Microsoft didn’t just add to its backwards compatibility library, it also added FPS Boost to Xbox 360 games for the first time. Not only that, it also doubled the frame-rate on select Xbox 360 titles that had already received enhanced 4K support for Xbox One X. Spurred on by the addition of FPS Boost to one of my favourite Sonic games, I decided to take a look at some of these improved experiences, gaining further appreciation for some classic titles.

In doing so, it reminded me of something I hadn’t thought deeply about for some time – the fact that the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 era actually delivered what must surely be the biggest gen-on-gen downgrade in overall game performance… if you ignore Nintendo 64, that is. In looking at these newly enhanced FPS Boost releases, I also decided to go back and revisit their showings on Xbox 360 too – because Series consoles aren’t just delivering a doubling of performance, but often much, much more. Standard back-compat on Xbox Series consoles effectively solves their original performance issues – they hit their (mostly) 30fps frame-rate caps. However, FPS Boost goes one step further, reminding us that 60fps used to be the norm, not the exception.

I wanted to start by looking at both Sonic Generations (which now possesses both resolution and frame-rate upgrades) and Sonic Unleashed (60fps only). I love Generations: while it may not reach the heights of the 2D originals, I feel this represents the best example of three-dimensional Sonic gameplay to date. The boost style of gameplay retains the upper, middle, and lower tier design Sonic specialises in, really testing your reaction time. It’s this combination of high-speed movement, multiple paths that feel satisfying to nail and the perfect blend of beautiful visuals and excellent music. It’s an explosion of colour and style that manages to hold up brilliantly to this day.

John Linneman takes a close look at his favourites from the FPS Boosted Xbox 360 titles now running on Xbox Series consoles.

The problem is, in its original console form, Sonic Generations was limited to just 30 frames per second and even that was not a guaranteed target. In fact, during certain sections, the frame-rate plummets to near unplayable levels. It feels terrible when this occurs. A PC version exists but I’ve found it has become increasingly finicky when you desire a quick play session.

Sonic Generations previously received a resolution boost update bringing it up to near 4K, basically around 3520×2160 versus the 880×720-ish of the original but it was still limited to 30 frames per second. This is where FPS Boost enters the picture – when played on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, the frame-rate cap is eliminated allowing the game to reach 60 frames per second. Xbox Series X retains the near 4K resolution enjoyed by One X while Xbox Series S renders around 1760×1440. Areas where Xbox 360 could collapse in performance sees Series X power through with barely any impact to frame-rate – just a couple of dropped frames in some scenarios, flawless in others. Series S does the same, just with a lower resolution.

Honestly, playing through the game again, it’s a miracle that this was even possible on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the first place. Sonic moves extremely quickly in this game – you cover a lot of ground in a matter of seconds. The Hedgehog Engine powering the game was architected to handle high-speed traversal while retaining a high level of detail and it genuinely works – it looks great even now. More impressively, it features pre-calculated global illumination, combined with the exceptional depth of field and per-pixel motion blur used to accentuate movement.

Remember that time Microsoft ‘dropped’ over 70 FPS Boost-enabled titles? These were our picks at the time.

Of course, the same can be said of Sonic Unleashed as well which – with support for FPS Boost – is perhaps even more important as this is a game which had never received a PC conversion. Unfortunately, there is no resolution enhancement here, so we’re still running at 880×720, but in light of the improved frame-rate, we can let that slide. Again, there can be drastic drops to performance – one of the last levels, Adabat, is notorious for this – but Series X just blasts through, with just small, fleeting drops in the entire segment. Series S? I would have loved to tried it, but there was no way to move my late-game save to the machine, short of re-buying a game I already owned in disc form – a shortcoming of the machine we have to live with, unfortunately.

I also tried Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed – one of the best kart racers of all-time. It plays like a dream, serves as excellent Sega fan service and offers multiple modes of play, keeping the tracks especially fresh. But a karting game at 30fps? That’s a problem, but not with FPS Boost. Resolution hasn’t been improved – we’re still at the original’s low 1152×544, but the performance side of things is now resolved, running without a hitch. If you like racing games, I highly recommend this one – it’s really good.

As a big fan of Sonic games, that was my primary focus for this testing – it’s a series that gains so much by running at 60 frames per second, with 30fps never seemingly like a good fit. However, elsewhere, other titles also benefit immensely. Fallout 3 ran at 720p with 4x MSAA on Xbox 360, but suffered due to CPU, GPU and storage bottlenecks. Certain choke-points within the game could see frame-rates dip into the teens. However, with Xbox Series consoles, you retain the clean MSAA anti-aliasing, but we’re rendering at 4K on Series X and 1440p on Series S, with 60fps performance to boot. Storage stutter is gone, with only mild hits to performance that line-up with Xbox 360 at its absolute worst. Again, it’s a transformative experience.

FPS Boost also worked to enable a range of 120fps experiences based on Xbox One and One X games, as we discussed here.

I’d also recommend trying out Mirror’s Edge, an original first-person platform game built around the idea of free running. While it has some combat sequences, the game is primarily focused on fluid movement. Mirror’s Edge isn’t afraid to challenge the player with complex controls either – it’s a very technical game which is precisely why it remains so playable. As you become more skilled, you’ll find yourself effortlessly moving through the world on the way to your objective. On Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, however, the game was marred by poor performance. It was capped at 30 frames per second but both consoles failed to lock to this frame-rate often dipping below while exhibiting screen tearing. As a result, many of the game’s more impressive sequences were ultimately spoiled by reduced performance. A PC version, which included more advanced physics simulation, solved this problem, but on consoles, we were left with no options.

Mirror’s Edge received Xbox One X support years ago at this point increasing the resolution to 4K and solving the performance dips but it remained capped at 30fps on Series consoles – but not any more, thanks to FPS Boost. Critically, like Fallout 3 and Sonic, Mirror’s Edge retains the same high-resolution output – which is native 4K on Xbox Series X and 1440p on Series S – but increases the frame-rate to 60. The results aren’t flawless, however, with dips into the mid-50s. This seems to occur in nearly every mission at some point or another but, thankfully, the drop is minor enough that it has only a minor impact on overall fluidity. If you have access to a VRR capable display, the issue is cleaned up as well, so keep that in mind. The result is fascinating, however, and does help demonstrate why some games lose Xbox One X enhancements when FPS Boost is enabled. But honestly, they’ve made the right choice here as, aside from these small pockets of disturbed frames, the rest of the experience is fluid – and there’s vastly improved loading times too.

I was also intrigued by Gears of War 3, Epic’s last title in the franchise and a brilliant Xbox 360 experience. Performance was always variable in this series and while Gears 3 improved over its predecessor, it still had issues maintaining 30fps – especially in cutscenes. Xbox One X got a 4K upgrade, but curiously, FPS Boost comes at a cost to Series X owners this time around. Curiously, both Series S and X both render the game at 1440p instead – unexpected, to say the least. I’d expect Series S to have a less solid lock on 60fps and that is indeed the case, but these moments are limited to cutscenes only. Gameplay seems to be absolutely fine. It is more stable overall than Mirror’s Edge and I found it difficult to locate areas where the performance did not maintain its target. Series X simply delivers a locked 1440p60 experience, as you would expect… which makes me wonder why they needed to reduce the resolution to 1440p in the first place especially given the performance on Xbox Series S. Did the team run into some unexpected bug? Did the performance degrade significantly? I’m genuinely unsure but that’s how it is. Overall though, FPS Boost is a winner and in actual fact, all of the Gears titles now run at 60fps – it’s just that Gears 3 is the only series entry to receive the resolution boost too.

It wasn’t the most transformative improvement we’ve seen owing to a locked 900p resolution, but Dark Souls 3 demonstrated that Microsoft would try out different techniques to make FPS Boost possible.

I also wanted to check out the original Assassin’s Creed. It’s a game with issues, for sure, but at the time, the concepts presented by this game were truly revolutionary – an open world assassination game focused on the minutiae of this brutal career path. Assassin’s Creed could have become what Hitman is today on a much grander scale had the chips fallen just right but, alas, the series never quite managed to build on what was started in this first game, pivoting in a very different direction from Origins onwards. The technology, however, was special for its day with a highly dynamic animation blending system that enabled a level of fluidity in traversal that was simply unheard of during this era. Not to mention a size and scope unlike anything else – it was a supremely impressive experience.

On Xbox 360, the game runs at a native 720p with 2x MSAA delivering clean results. It uses an adaptive v-sync setup meaning torn frames can occur when under load. It’s not too bad on the Xbox 360, though the PlayStation 3 version is nigh unplayable in comparison in many scenarios. With the launch of Xbox One X, Assassin’s received 4K enhancements allowing a boost to 4K native – this also introduced other improvements such as improved texture filtering and enhanced shadow rendering. It looked much more in line with the PC version as a result. Thanks to FPS Boost, however, the frame-rate cap has been pushed up to 60 frames per second instead and the results are impressive. Only the most minor dips to performance and this, combined with the image boosts, makes for a great way to revisit the game.

It’s been fun revisiting these titles and despite comments from Microsoft suggesting that the FPS Boost program has reached its conclusion, I can’t help but think there’s more juice left in the classic Xbox 360 catalogue. This is important stuff: the Xbox compatibility team is effectively rescuing games from their performance prisons – breathing new life into titles which could sometimes be rendered borderline unplayable at points. Adding the resolution increases on top can also be transformative. However, if

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The Black Friday iPad mini 6 deal I’ve been waiting for is finally here [Update]

Editor’s note: this Black Friday iPad deal has gone out of stock since it was first found, but keep your eyes on our Cyber Monday iPad deals page for the next best deals. The original version of this story follows:

I’ve been waiting for this Black Friday iPad deal, and so I’m happy to be the one who reports that it’s here. Right now, Apple’s smallest iPad is on sale at the lowest price we’ve seen so far since its release, matching a discount last seen in September.

Right now the iPad mini 6 is $459 at Walmart (savings of $40), and this will not last, so get there and buy it before I can while I’m working to share this deal. This iPad has fluctuated as low as $469 during the Black Friday deals season, and even at that point it was always running low.

The perfect companion device for any other Mac (especially once Universal Control arrives), I’d be buying this iPad mini 6 as the second screen for my my 14-inch MacBook Pro (which is due to deliver any day now). And this is literally the deal I wrote that I’ve been waiting for.

Why do we love the new iPad mini? In my iPad mini 6 (2021) review, I explained how it lasted 10 hours and 56 minutes of battery life on the Tom’s Guide battery test (constant web browsing at 150 nits), which is impressive for a tablet of its small size.

Its spot on our best tablets list was ensured with its super-fast A15 Bionic system-on-chip, a gorgeous and super-sharp 8.3-inch display that gets as bright as 520 nits and that super-neat Center Stage tech for video calls on top. Stay tuned to Tom’s Guide for all the top Black Friday deals.

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The 107+ Best Early Cyber Monday Deals 2021: Apple, TVs, Vacuums & More – The New York Times

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  5. 100+ Amazon Cyber Monday 2021 deals you can already get today  BGR
  6. View Full Coverage on Google News

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50+ Black Friday Deals from Best Buy Available Now – The New York Times

  1. 50+ Black Friday Deals from Best Buy Available Now  The New York Times
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As Halo Infinite cheating begins, console players call on 343 to let them disable crossplay • Eurogamer.net

Halo Infinite multiplayer is out in the wild – and cheating has already begun.

Players have reported coming across cheaters in 343’s free-to-play competitive shooter, whose multiplayer is still flagged as being in beta.

Twitch streamer Douglas “DougisRaw” Wolf tweeted a clip of himself watching a clip of a run-in with a Halo Infinite cheater using what looks like an aimbot and a wallhack.

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Redditor KanoxHD took to the Halo sub to reveal a clip of another player using an aimbot:

There are already aimbots after less than a week, this is worrying. What do you guys think ? from r/hello

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Here are some more reports of cheating in Halo Infinite:

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Video game cheating is usually more prevalent on PC, although it does go on on console, and it’s usually more prevalent in free-to-play games compared to premium games. Now, with the emergence of cheating in Halo Infinite, some console players are calling on 343 to add the ability to turn off crossplay with PC.

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Halo Infinite does not let you turn off cross-play between PC and Xbox. However, in ranked arena players can choose whether they want to play with mouse and keyboard players or controller players. While this potentially leads to longer matchmaking times, some console players are setting up their games to play with controller players only in a bid to make it less likely they’ll run up against PC cheaters.

Of course, PC players can play with a controller on Halo Infinite. There is currently no way for Xbox players to avoid playing with PC players who use a controller.

“This is one of the reasons many console users choose to not play on PC,” said redditor Meiie in a post on r/XboxSeriesX titled “Now that cheating in Halo is confirmed on PC, can we have to option to opt out of cross-play?”

“Besides the ease of playing on console, avoiding PC cheaters has been my biggest reason for not playing on PC. Destiny, Warzone, BF, Apex.. tons of cheaters on PC. Never run into any when playing on console and opting out of cross-play.

“This is really important and I think not getting this option now is gonna spiral pretty hard into us players, on console, having to deal with infestation of cheaters currently on PC.”

We’ve been here before. Last year, we reported on how Call of Duty: Warzone console players were turning off crossplay to escape PC cheaters. Cheating went on to blight Warzone, leading to Activision to announce a new anti-cheat system to go live in-game soon.

343 and Microsoft will be desperate to avoid Halo Infinite suffering similar reputational damage. Game companies face an uphill battle in the fight against cheating, but the hope is Halo Infinite can mitigate cheating as much as possible in the months ahead.

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River City Saga: Three Kingdoms For Switch Launches This December (Japan)

Image: Arc System Works

Update [Sat 27th Nov, 2021 02:00 GMT]: Following on from this week’s 35th Kunio-kun celebrations, Arc System Works and APlus Games have now locked in a Japanese release date for River City Saga: Three Kingdoms. It’ll arrive via the Nintendo Switch eShop on 16th December for 3,740 yen.

A bonus mode has also been revealed – taking on the form of a traditional belt-scroll action game with “simple controls and exhilarating battles”. Players will defeat swarms of enemies followed by boss battles. It will also include leaderboards, 10 stages and 12 playable characters (source: Gematsu).

There’s no word on localisation, but if we hear anything – we’ll let you know. Here’s the release date announcement trailer:

Original story [Tue 23rd Nov, 2021 05:30 GMT]: Later this week on 27th November, the Kunio-kun series will be celebrating its 35th anniversary. As part of this, there’ll be a special Arc System Works broadcast taking place on November 26th at 17:30 JST.

It’ll look at the history of the series, will announce the latest information about the upcoming title River City Saga: Three Kingoms and much more. You’ll be able to watch it live over on the Arc System Works YouTube channel.

As previously revealed, the new Kunio-kun game is set within the Romance of the Three Kingdoms universe. You can learn more details about it in our previous post, and see a teaser trailer below:

Are you looking forward to learning more about this upcoming release? Tell us in the comments.


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