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A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is merely described (summary review) or analyzed based on content, style, and merit.

Hercule Poirot is back. He is in London and is approached by a woman in distres…

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Hercule Poirot is back. He is in London and is approached by a woman in distress who tells him her life is in danger, and she deserves to die. Later that night, Poirot and Edward Catchpool his police officer friend, are called to an exclusive hotel in London where 3 guests have been murdered. A web of lies and confusion follow with multiple different theories being put forward.
I was not a fan of this book. If you saw my review yesterday on stories you’ll know most of my feelings, it’s saved in my highlights under video reviews if anyone missed it. The second half of the book got even worse for me if I’m being honest. I mentioned that I felt the essence of Poirot was missing from the book. I felt like in the second half of the book there was a feeble attempt to bring back the Poirot we’re familiar with. But it went back and forth, so for instance the secretiveness of Poirot would be there on one page and then a few pages later he’d be explaining all of the clues he’d found rather than leaving that until the end as Poirot would have done in the original Christie books. My other major issue was that Agatha Christie wrote in a very clever way- she would introduce us to every character, their backgrounds, their potential motives to kill and then once we knew everyone the murder would occur. So that way you know everyone and you’re better able to make guesses. This book did not have that. The murder had occurred in the first few pages and then we were introduced to the other characters. Anyone who is familiar with Christie knows that Poirot always picks up on small details but this was just not executed properly in this book. Everything was made too complicated and they made small clues into these over complicated issues that had absolutely no bearing on the murder. There also weren’t enough characters to make the big reveal shocking- there was only 3 potential suspects introduced so it couldn’t really be a shock. The language bothered me a lot. If a book is set in 1929 it should have old language not modern- if the author wanted to use modern language it should have been set in the time it was written in my opinion. (continued in comments)

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  1. The length was just ridiculous. Christie was excellent at now drawing out books- the same can’t be said for the author of this book. The same story ended up being repeated numerous tones. It became tedious and repetitive. The same suspects were spoken to and asked the same questions too many times. It meant the reveal was no big shock because the same story had been told so many times. Overall, as is probably obvious I do not recommend this book. #read #reader #bookworm #books #reading #agathachristie

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