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New Year’s Eve like no other. What a year 2020 has been. Genuine would have laug…

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New Year’s Eve like no other. What a year 2020 has been. Genuine would have laughed if someone had told me this day last year what was going to happen. It’s been one mad year. Last New Year’s Eve I was looking forward to graduating university and going into the adult world of working. Well, I graduated with no ceremony and have no job 😂 obviously the year turned out very different to how we’d hoped and many plans got thrown out. Plans cancelled, family and friends only seen through video calls. Who would have guessed that Zoom would become our main social interaction?! We are now entering our 3rd lockdown here. I remember when things first starting closing in March, they said schools and colleges would be closing for 2 weeks. I said to my closest friend that I’d see her then and sure 2 weeks off wouldn’t be bad. We were convinced we’d be back to finish the semester, that this was just a very short break. It was almost 3 months before we began to exit lockdown.
This lockdown feels different to me than the first 2. In the first one, I didn’t know anyone who actually got covid. I knew a few people who got tested but no one who had it. It always felt fat away to me, something that affected people I didn’t know. Last lockdown I knew one person who got it, my best friend’s sister. That was a shock to me. This time around, I know 4 people personally who’ve got it this week alone and at least 5 with suspected covid getting tested today. I’m one person away from being a close contact. That’s terrifying. It feels more real.
I want to end this year thinking about positive things. Instead of thinking of my cancelled graduation and that I didn’t get to see westlife this year, I’ll think of all the time I got to spend with my dog. Instead of thinking of missed meals out, I’ll think of the 128 books I got to read this year. More books than I’ve ever read before because I was home so much. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A vaccine is here but who knows when we’ll all have gotten it by. I will definitely be going into 2021 hoping for the best but 2020 has taught me to ALWAYS expect lockdown. 😂😂