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A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is merely described (summary review) or analyzed based on content, style, and merit.

On the fifth day of Christmas… this book is a little bit different to what I n…

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On the fifth day of Christmas… this book is a little bit different to what I normally share. It’s different from my normal read for sure 😂 it’s such a feel good story- a young girl essentially finding her place in the world. It’s set in the early 1900s, when women didn’t have the vote. It gives such a good insight into normal people’s ideas about women getting the vote. Often when we think of it, it seems that it was only men who didn’t want women to get the vote, or just old fashioned people. But this books shows a lot, in my opinion, about how women had been conditioned to think they shouldn’t have a vote. Older and younger women told all their lives they didn’t have the intelligence for a vote or have the political mind for be able to vote. I loved Mollie and her sister. They were able to change their conditioning, change what they had been brought up to believe. Mollie becomes so dedicated to the cause, she wants to be in the fight with her sister. The story is told in the form of letters from Mollie to her pen pal and sometimes there could be a few days between letters, and it could be seen how Mollie became more devoted in the space of days each time. Definitely would pick this up if you have an interest in the suffrage movement and want to get an idea of the women’s experience- much of this book is based on real life accounts.

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