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PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!! Hey everyone! I’m just looking for any advice you may…

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Hey everyone! I’m just looking for any advice you may have for me. This book community is amazing and I’m hoping ye can help me out here. If you’ve seen my stories today you’ll know what I’m talking about but basically I’m at such an odd place in life right now. I’ve finished college and am completely at a loss about what to do next. I opted not to do a masters this year because I really don’t have any clue what I ultimately want to do and it felt like a waste of time and money to do something which I didn’t have the interest in. My degree is in law which means I’m not actually qualified to do anything, which I knew going into the course but I thought after 4 years I would know what to do next so I’d just go on and get a qualification but that hasn’t happened. I originally wanted to do teaching and I changed because my career guidance counsellor told me I shouldn’t do it due to a lack of jobs in that sector. I’d always thought I’d do teaching so I can’t help but think maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong. I love learning more than anything so maybe teaching and seeing others learn is where I’m meant to be but still I don’t know. The thing I love more than anything is reading and books. Is there any jobs with books though realistically? I’m not sure reading can be made into a career as much as I’d love that 😂 so what careers are ye in? What made you decide to go into that career? Please please just leave a comment even if you don’t think it’ll help, I’d appreciate it guys. Thank you 😘

3 thoughts on “PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!! Hey everyone! I’m just looking for any advice you may…

  1. My short career was i libraries. First public and then academic. I never got as far as doing a masters in librarianship because life got in the way, but I think if you get into the university sector, being a librarian or working in one of their libraries is a good option. They could also offer you the opportunity to qualify as a ‘proper’ librarian on the job. I wish I had gone all the way to qualify professionally- I came so close, got accepted on courses and everything! But it didn’t happen for me and because of my regrets in this area I think it’s so important to get a focus and get a profession in something you love. You’re young – the world is your oyster! 💗

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