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Some advice for those of you who are not yet in the “lockdown” phase! In Ireland…

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Some advice for those of you who are not yet in the “lockdown” phase! In Ireland, libraries have closed so I wanted to give some tips in relation to reading before that happens:
1. Most of my followers are UK based, and as ye are not yet at the stage of lockdown, get to your local library. Our libraries closed here in Ireland on Thursday and there are not late fees or anything like that on any books until reopening. Grab all the books you can to stay entertained.
2. Find out if your library has an online e-book service. For anyone in Ireland BorrowBox allows you to sign in with your Library ID and borrow e-books and audio books.
3. Be prepared. We had very little notice of the lockdown and it meant I didn’t make it to the library on time to stock up. I wish I had gone to the library just in case earlier in the week. Don’t make that mistake. The announcement of closures can come at any time, don’t be caught out like I was. Get to your library ASAP.
4. I don’t have kids, but from speaking to relatives who do, I’d advise also getting some children’s books in the library. Most libraries will have educational sections which will make the next few weeks easier in relation to homeschooling.
5. Finally, some advice not related to books. If you’re finding yourself getting overly worried or panicked, I’d honestly recommend deleting social medias such as Facebook and Twitter. I was finding myself getting anxious after reading articles on Facebook/Twitter, so I have decided to delete the apps for the foreseeable future. Instagram has been an escape for me, and I’m so glad to have this book account, it has really helped. Anxiety and fear will not help.
The quote above means “there is no strength without unity”, and that is what we must bear in mind the next few weeks. Mind your elderly and vulnerable friends/family, and remember this will pass. We will go back to normal, and get through this together! ❤️

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  1. Thank you, especially the bit about panicking. I don’t read anything or do twitter and hardly fb anymore, but I do find myself worrying mostly about my mum who vulnerable. Are you or any of your family ill? My little boy is saying away from school as he is quite poorly (fever, vomiting). The dr says it’s tonsillitis. Thank goodness. But it shook me up when we thought what it could be. It’s so great that you’ve done this post, though ❤️

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