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to on the release of ! After Dawn survives a horrific plane crash, she’s of…

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After Dawn survives a horrific plane crash, she’s offered a plane ticket to the destination of her choice. What does it mean when, instead of choosing Boston where her husband, Brian, and teen daughter, Meret, live, she blurts out “Egypt” where she worked as an Egyptologist 15 years ago and where first love, Wyatt, still works as an archaeologist?

With the story alternating between two different life paths—one where she returns to Boston to be with her family and one where she travels to Egypt to discover old passions, both career and relationship wise—Dawn has the unique chance to explore what might have been. Just like the dead were supposed to use the real life Book of Two Ways, “the first known map of the afterlife,” Dawn also must choose a path. Will she continue her current life or reclaim her old one?

“Love isn’t a perfect match… [so] who do you want with you, when your time runs out?”

As with Ms. Picoult’s previous novels, I loved learning about subjects new to me (this time, they were: the meaning behind ancient Egyptian burials, the roles and experiences of a death doula, and how to make solid end of life decisions) while always delving deep into human psyches and relationships.

“I believe that there are five things we need to say to people we love before they die… I forgive you. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. Goodbye. I tell them that they can interpret those prompts any way they like, and nothing will have been left unsaid.”

The structure of this novel was surprisingly complex and oh-so-satisfying. Her books always encourage me to think and speculate and consider and think some more. BOOK was no different and I found it achingly beautiful and compelling from beginning to end.

If you had the chance to rethink your life’s choices, would you make a different decision? If you had the chance to follow the path not taken, would you seize the chance to try it? If you’ve ever wondered about the what ifs… what if I’d chosen a different education, career, spouse, location to live, etc, then this compelling and powerful book is for YOU!

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