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to on the release of Genre: Historical Fiction After the attack on Pearl H…

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Genre: Historical Fiction

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, all residents of a British-run boarding school in China are sent to a Japanese internment camp. 10 year old Nancy and her older brother Edward are living at the school while their parents are doing missionary work on the other side of the country. Despite the deplorable conditions, poor treatment and lack of proper nutrition, the teachers and students are determined their lessons continue.

“Whatever weapons our enemy has, never forget that we possess the most powerful weapon of all: the ability to educate.”

This WWII story was based on true events and took me on a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from heartache to hope and back again. I was inspired by teachers Elspeth, Minnie and Charlie who endured so much yet stayed strong for their students. Since I was a Girl Scout in elementary school, that element of the story provided a bright spot both for me and the students. I became attached to the characters and teared up several times near the end.

“A sunflower seed [was] a symbol of our strength and our determination to carry on. A reminder that we could thrive, even in the harshest conditions… We grow anywhere with strong roots, [so] rise from the mud, and bloom.”

Location: China

I received an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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