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A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is merely described (summary review) or analyzed based on content, style, and merit.

When a body is found in the Bantry’s library, they are stunned. They have never…

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When a body is found in the Bantry’s library, they are stunned. They have never seen the woman who is now dead in their library. There are seemingly no connections between the Bantry’s and the dead woman. Why is she there? Who put her there? More importantly, why was she killed?
My final book of 2019! I really enjoyed this. It was the first Agatha Christie I’d read in a while, and I actually prefer Marple books to Poirot. The concept was so interesting- a woman that is completely unknown to the people in the household suddenly turns up dead in their library. I enjoyed trying to figure out what the actual reason was, and what connection they could possibly have to each other. Agatha Christie definitely knows how to put things together that you’d never even think of. I would often guess the killer, but this time it took me a while and even when I did guess it was a complete fluke and I had all my reasons wrong. One of my favourite Christie’s I’ve read in a while. My only issue is one which I often have with Christie books, she often brings in a lot of minor characters which results in me getting them mixed up. For instance, in this book a number of police officers and investigators were introduced and I sometimes couldn’t remember which one was which. Just a small thing though, and other than that I loved it.

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