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A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is merely described (summary review) or analyzed based on content, style, and merit.

When Alice Gill sees the little blue line, it’s the happiest moment of her life…

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When Alice Gill sees the little blue line, it’s the happiest moment of her life. But her whole world is turned upside down when the police knock at her door minutes later…
Her husband, Dominic, is dead. Distraught, Alice goes to identify the body. It’s him. Yet when Dominic’s estranged brother comes to view the coffin, he insists the man lying there is not Dominic Gill. So who is the man Alison married? And will his secrets put her life in danger too?
I really enjoyed the story of this book. The blurb sounded extremely gripping so I was looking forward to getting into it. The first chapter started to draw me in immediately. However, we are told in the blurb that her husband is dead and that his brother says he’s not the real Dom Gill, so we knew that was going to happen but it didn’t happen until about 40% of the book. That 40% told the story of Alice’s marriage. I thought it would have been better for her to find out how we dead and that Dom Gill’s brother says the man she married wasn’t who he said he was. Then the book could have detailed their marriage. I just wasn’t a fan of knowing what the story of their marriage was leading up to. In Part 2 of the book, the story largely comes together. There isn’t really any huge unexpected twists and turns after this. There is one at the end but it isn’t one that I felt completely came out of nowhere. I would have liked a huge twist at the end because of the fact the story had seemingly been told in Part 2. Overall though, I liked the story and the characters so I would recommend.

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