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A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is merely described (summary review) or analyzed based on content, style, and merit.

When Rachel’s daughter Kylie is kidnapped from her bus stop, their lives change…

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When Rachel’s daughter Kylie is kidnapped from her bus stop, their lives change forever. One phone call, a huge demand. Rachel is told to get Kylie back she must kidnap someone else. This is The Chain, and herself and her family are now a part of it.
I loved part one of this book. I loved it enough to largely ignore my disappointment with part 2 and still give 4 and a half stars. Personally, I think the story could have been wound up without the events of part 2, which just felt unnecessary and messy. I really liked the story and the way it was told. In fact, I started it yesterday at about 1pm, read 100 pages and then read the remaining 400 pages before bed (it was a large print book, so the regular print probably has less pages). I found the ending a bit disappointing. I wanted more of a reason for The Chain, more of a point to it. Like for the whole book I was imaging all of these different reasons why it came to fruition, a lot of which were elaborate and out there, so when it was revealed I felt a bit meh. The last 40/50 pages felt a bit chaotic and I was kind of going wait, what just happened there? But the first part more than made up for this. I loved the drama of the book, the way The Chain brought out a side to people they never imagined existed. The fact I was able to read it so fast also just shows how much I enjoyed it! Think about it, would I have stayed up until 3am to read an average or bad book? I would 100% recommend this, definitely pick it up!

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